COVID-19 Local Support from Surrey County Councillor Jeff Harris
22 May

I refrained from writing over the past week or so as there wasn’t too much to say, but like buses, several things came along at the same time..

Some of the following relates directly to coronavirus, but I thought I’d add a couple of (what I think are) interesting facts and updates.

To avoid confusion:

The new Stay Alert message was announced and although little has changed, this is summed up by six key things which aim to help control the virus. This means you must:

1. Stay at home as much as possible
2. Work from home if you can
3. Limit contact with other people
4. Keep your distance if you go out (two metres apart where possible)
5. Wash your hands regularly - remember TWENTY SECONDS!
6. And if you or anyone in your home has symptoms then don't leave the house.

*Remember medical advice 111, non-medical: Surrey County Council 0300 200 1008 or Reigate and Banstead BC 01737 276 000

Green Waste: Although the service is still suspended, it may resume, I’m told in July, depending on circumstances. But the Re-cycling Centre at Earlswood and Epsom are both open, currently seven days a week but only for garden waste and non-recyclable black bagged waste. Anything else will be turned away as the Operators have nowhere to send items for re-cycling, such as fridges, etc, until the re-cycling companies ‘chain’ re-opens.

As a matter of interest just in the last TWO weeks over 3,500 tonnes of additional waste has been collected by local ‘Binmen’ (and women), across the county. Almost THREE tonnes extra a day in Reigate and Banstead.

Many, but not, all public carparks are open, please check before travelling, and if they’re full, or still closed (Epsom Downs is still closed at the time of writing!) BUT – They are getting crowded, so please don’t cause obstruction by parking stupidly-go somewhere else…

Care Homes and PPE: Sadly, we are seeing a lot in the media about the growing number of deaths in Care Homes and the figures for Surrey are amongst the highest in the country. But we also have probably the highest number of ‘Care Beds’ in the country – 13,500, with about 90% of those being privately run, with Reigate and Banstead having disproportionately more than all the other areas. Each death is a person and tragic, but hopefully these numbers put it into perspective.

The County Council working with NHS, military and voluntary sector have now supplied over SEVEN MILLION items of PPE to Care Homes and other organisations across the county. These are additional to the ones used in hospitals in the County.

Assistance during the Pandemic - Many people and businesses are feeling the financial challenges growing over this period. There are various funds available and both Reigate and Banstead, and Surrey County Councils can give advice, and help in how to apply, for example there’s money for Charities and other Community Social enterprises available via the National Lottery website.

However for individuals facing enormous financial stress, whether its family, friends, neighbours, or us personally, again there is help, guidance and assistance out there-please encourage people, however proud they are, to just ask. Banks, Building Societies, Insurance Companies, Councils, Social Landlords etc have all agreed to do what they can…..So don’t be too proud to ask. If in doubt call one of the helplines above.

Business as Usual - Life in Lockdown continues for Councils and Surrey is managing quite well despite hundreds of staff seconded elsewhere to help everyone get through. You’ll recall that I sit on the Corporate Parenting Board which governs how we look after children in council care- almost 1,000 of them spread far and wide across the country. Many have special needs and the work of Foster Carers and Social workers has been far more demanding during this period, trying to manage these children’s needs, isolation, social-distancing, hygiene, etc, on top of their routine obligations. They are really an amazing bunch of people and often forgotten. By the way, if you’ve ever thought about fostering, give me a call and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Average Speed Cameras along the A217 - It’s just on two years since I supported the introduction of AVC’s on the A217. I’m often asked ‘Do they work?’ and ‘How many get caught?… Well the answer is YES they do, without doubt. Accidents have dropped significantly, and every stretch from the County Boundary to the M25 has seen a drop in speeds, in places by an average 9-10mph. They certainly work for the overwhelming majority of drivers. As for how many get caught (Quiz night question?) About 16-20,000 vehicles a day use the A217 and only TEN a day (on average) get ‘caught’ going fast enough to warrant proceedings.

And finally – Residents will be aware that Fidelity International, based in Lower Kingswood, had a Planning Application before Reigate and Banstead Planning Committee. this week. If granted it would have meant almost a trebling of vehicles in and out of their campus via Smithy and Chipstead Lanes (that’s up to4,500 a day!). Totally unacceptable to residents, and the four Councillors representing them. Working with Cllrs Bob Gardner,(County) Rod Ashford and Rachel Turner (Borough), we challenged the planning advice from the County Council and Borough Council-(not a popular move with some). Both the local Planners and County Highways Development Planners, were supportive of the Application. After extensive research and argument, we were able to convince the Committee that the Travel Plan supporting the Application was ’disingenuous, erroneous, and misleading’ amongst other things, and therefore the Application should not proceed. We recommended a completely independent review of the Travel Plan.

The Committee agreed with us overwhelmingly. At this stage, I’m not sure what the next moves are for either Council or the Company, but rest assured all four of us are ’on the case’….

To come - Next month will see an entirely new way (and far better in my honest opinion) way of reporting Highways issues, seeing progress and looking at plans, but more of that later.

In the meantime, please remember Stay Safe-Stay Home ,unless there’s no choice, and look after your neighbours, because of course we are all someone else’s neighbour.

With my best wishes and grateful thanks,


5 May

I thought I would give everyone a quick update relating to Community Re-cycling Centres (CRC’s)and an announcement from Reigate and Banstead Borough Council about Green Waste Collections.

Firstly, for those who use them the Surrey County Council CRC’s will open next Monday 11th – ……..BUT

It will be phased, so at the start the re-cycling will be limited to:

Green Waste and Black bagged ‘Residual waste’…(Household waste that can’t be re-cycled).

We need to ensure we don’t adversely affect kerbside collections-which you will remember re-cycling rates are up over 25% on average across the County. (Which is great for re-cycling, but adds enormously to the burden of collections).

The other re-cycling materials we’d normally take can’t be accepted currently at our CRC’s because we’ve currently nowhere for them to go onwards from our CRC’s. For example, many of the textile and ‘White goods’ re-cycling companies are closed.

Strict Social distancing must take place to ensure everyone stays safe, and that means just one occupant leaving each vehicle at a time, and a ‘one in-one out’ policy, that I think everyone is getting used to….

People who turn up with other waste will be turned away.

To protect staff and visitors, there won’t be any ‘help’ available

There will be a Traffic Management system to ensure local residents, businesses and emergency vehicles are not adversely affected.

No vans or trailers at first.

Both Epsom and Earlswood will be open SEVEN days a week, and from 9am – 6pm, initially.

This phased re-opening in in answer to resident requests and will be reviewed site by site depending on how the processes are working.

It needs cooperation, patience and reasonableness (CPR) from everyone, as we do not want a repetition of what happened last time, with impatient and abusive people being offensive to our staff on site.

But, I’m sure you will agree - A small light at the end of the tunnel!

I’m aware that Reigate and Banstead Borough Council have announced a £20 compensation for the temporary loss of the Green Waste Collection. This will be credited to accounts and taken off the next years subscription. But, please remember, bonfires are affecting a lot of people with breathing difficulties and I’ve heard the smoke from some are drifting into stables, etc………so bin the bonfires, please.

If you have green waste and want to re-cycle it before the collections re-start, why no consider sharing a carload with a neighbour (each side and remember the 2metre rule!).

Many people will not have driven their cars for a few weeks, and may need reminding if they are going to use the Re-cycling Centres, just give the car a quick check before setting off. It’s not only embarrassing, but could be dangerous to break down when one should have noticed something was wrong before driving off……..

I’m still hearing of a lot of scams and we are all receiving ‘phishing’ e-mails on a regular basis, many specific to Covid-19.

If you receive such an e-mail, you’re not sure of, you can now forward it to which is now investigating THOUSANDS of bogus companies, websites, etc, and closing them down on-line. If in doubt,
Don’t open it, and certainly don’t open any attachments.
Don’t forget to put it into your ‘Junk’ folder-your computer should remember it if they try again.
Don’t forget to change your passwords on a regular basis, and if you think you’ve been scammed,
Don’t be afraid to ask for help-there’s loads out there, but victims tend to be too embarrassed to tell anyone……

The Community Helpline on 0300 200 1008 – to assist with non-medical questions, requests for help, advice, etc is open and taking hundreds of calls each day. If you, a relative, or a neighbour need any advice-just call.

Open Monday to Friday: 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 2pm. Bank Holiday Friday 8 May: 10am - 4pm.

Finally, remember the 20 20 rule:

20 seconds handwashing
2metres apart
0 excuses.

Protect the NHS - Protect ourselves.

With my very best wishes,


30 April

As I write this we are coming to the end on another week of ‘Lockdown’ and the overwhelming majority of residents are abiding by the guidance from the NHS and Government. A few aren’t, deciding that they don’t need to ‘keep their distance’, nor just do essential shopping, forget to regularly wash their hands, or work from home if possible, and above all Protect the NHS. Sadly, this may come at a heavy price for all of us, not just them.

Last time I raised the issue of bonfires and green waste collections. There are still people having bonfires and acting in an anti-social way, upsetting their neighbours and potentially harming the health of local people. So please be patient, the CRC’s (Community Re-cycling Centres) will re-open in due course, once the Govt advice and processes for managing them are in place. In the meantime, please store your waste and be patient…Its frustrating for all of us, so you’re not alone!

We’ve discussed Waste Collections with the Leader of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council and again these will resume in due course; we don’t have a date, and there are several good reasons, however frustrating these my be, for the delay.

Apart from staff being re-deployed elsewhere to assist other urgent needs, RBBC have had to deal with large increases (up to two weeks ago) in other waste:

14% more food waste collected,
34% more household re-cycling
15%more paper and cardboard, and
17% more general non-re-cyclable rubbish

(In all that’s about 25% more work for our Staff!)

Additionally, managers still have the welfare of staff to take into account, in terms of absence through illness, caring for someone who is ill, distancing, etc. Our Waste Operatives are working really hard on our behalf. So lets all do what we can to help.

Surrey County Council are also assisting in maintaining the areas around the ‘Bring’ Re-cycling areas, but people are dumping non-re-cycling there as well such as fridges, etc….Again, please be patient and do not be tempted to have a ‘cash in hand’ ‘Waste Removal’ Company take anything away, or allow anyone who claims to be licensed-and can’t prove it. It could prove very very costly if they fly-tip your rubbish……..

If your household/neighbour/relative has ‘Clinical Waste’ and it is collected by a Specialist Company, (normally PHS) this will continue, if there’s a problem ring them. Companies and Businesses have their own Waste Procedures sperate to the Council.

However, if anyone is suffering from Corona Virus at home, any personal potentially contaminated waste (tissues, etc) should be double-bagged, left for three days before putting it out into the GENERAL NON-RE-CYLNG Waste. If in doubt call either RBBC 01737276000 or Surrey County Councils 0300 200 1008 Helplines for advice.

I thought I would share a few more ‘Statistics’ from across the County (up to this week):

· 15,000 phone calls made to our vulnerable residents
· 1500 direct visits by PCSO’s, etc, to those who didn’t answer the phone or had no phone connection.
· 4000 calls to SCC Helpline
· 63000 ‘visits’ to the SCC Helpline Website
· 7000 volunteers from our communities across the County
· 37000 items of PPE donated and many more promised
· 359 Schools still open for essential Workers children or Special Needs children
· 125 rooms made available across the County for the homeless
· 458 staff and volunteers currently supporting the Local Resilience Forum-which is pulling all this together across the County, and finally,
· Headley Court Hospital is due to take its first patients next week. In less than a month empty, bare shells and disused amenities have been brought into perfect condition by partnership of SCC, NHS, Local Hospital Trusts, Military, Borough/Districts and a host of volunteers.

Big Numbers? I could go on, but hopefully you’ll appreciate just how big the challenge is, just in Surrey, and how many people are involved, many in addition to their normal roles or seconded to help……We should rightly be proud of their efforts, and may be a bit more patient when it comes to some delays in ‘normal’ service.

I think it was Sir Winston Churchill who coined the phrase ‘ When you’re going through hell……keep going’. For some currently it is hellish, but Surrey, and particularly our area, has a history of altruism and generosity, so between us we can and will succeed.

Sadly, I became aware of a fatal fire last week locally. We can’t be sure of the cause and there will have to be an Inquest eventually as investigations as to the cause continue. Can I please ask residents, especially whilst families and everyone is at home more of the time, to CHECK YOUR SMOKE ALARMS and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, and if you’ve checked yours, how about Knocking Next Door, especially if your neighbours (both sides!) are vulnerable…and whilst you’re at it, ask them if they’re ok. We can make thousands of calls from ‘The Council’, but the friendly (distanced!) neighbourly chat is worth far more to isolated, lonely and possibly fearful people.

Finally, I would like to thank all our local volunteers, who are facing the challenge in their hundreds, and making a huge difference to so many in our community………

So stay safe, wash those hands, keep your distance, and remember all the guidance…..Because if we Protect the NHS, we protect ourselves.

Kindest regards,


16 April

We are now firmly ‘in the middle’ of the Pandemic, and we all see and hear much of what is happening each day and each evening on the news. But, behind the scenes hundreds of Surrey County Council Staff, Police Staff, volunteers from across the County and many from Reigate and Banstead have been re-deployed to take on new and in some cases, highly challenging and emotionally demanding and draining roles, for the foreseeable future.

One such role is the work being undertaken by the teams working at our temporary mortuaries at Wray Park in Reigate, (the Surrey Fire and Rescue HQ) and Surrey University. It is humbling to hear about the work that is going on there and the volunteers involved. Teams of Police volunteers are working with Surrey Fire and Rescue and a voluntary group called ‘Team Rubicon’ collecting and moving the deceased, giving them the dignity and respect that we as a society and those that love them would expect and hope for. This is a difficult but important part of the Covid response that we are engaged in, along with the staff in our Registration services who are also facing challenges of their own with the vast increase in death certificates that must be processed, at the same time as treating traumatised relatives and loved ones with care and sensitivity. From personal experience I know these members of staff and volunteers in these roles are incredible-and unsung. So maybe when we join in the regular Thursdays 8pm ‘Clap’, we could just bear them in our thoughts.

Of course, last weekend was Easter Bank Holiday weekend, but I know that many, many people were working in response to the Covid-19 crisis. This included more than 100 volunteers who gave up their Holiday weekend and successfully made contact with more than 1300 vulnerable residents. It also shows just what can be achieved when people are determined to make something work. From scratch, a process was developed to ensure volunteers had a virtual induction to a new role, online supervision and peer support, and all of this completed rapidly over the four days. There was also a support team on hand, technical issues, offer guidance for tricky calls, and to remind everyone to take a break and enjoy the sunshine!

In total we have now attempted contact with 82% of the ‘shielding’ cohort (that’s nearly 12,000 people), but we do know that an additional group of people have now been included in the shielding category, taking the total from 14,255 to 22,115-in Surrey alone! So we will be needing more volunteers to help us with this in the coming weeks. To give you an idea of the scale of this operation, we have also generated more than 800 PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) visits where we were unable to contact residents by ‘phone. The sort of help we have been able to provide ranges from weekly food boxes (950 to date), to prescription needs, and social contact.

I spoke to one of our re-deployed staff today and she said that for many of the 20 people she phoned yesterday, it was their only link with the outside world. They were lonely and many afraid. Can I please ask you all to just ‘Knock next door’ – each side where appropriate, =and especially if you have vulnerable neighbours, just make sure they are OK…….(even if some of us can be a bit cantankerous at times)….Please. It could be a lifesaver.

Bonfires-still a large bone of contention, and people are still being inconsiderate of their neighbours and community. I did write to the Leader of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council, Cllr Mark Brunt, asking when are is the Garden Waste Collection Services to resume. He hasn’t replied. If any when I do hear anything I shall let residents know. But in the meantime-no bonfires, please.

I received several complaints of motorcyclists taking advantage of the light traffic currently using the roads in our area to speed along certain roads, including the Dorking Road, Tadworth/Walton on the Hill. I wrote to the Borough Inspector and last weekend the Traffic Police were working in the area-including unmarked cars. I hope it had some positive impact for residents….Time will tell.

The two helplines are still working hard – now 7 days a week – Surrey County Councils Helpline – 0300 200 1008, takes about 250 calls a day from residents about non-medical issues affecting residents. Sadly, I’m hearing some of the staff received abuse when they genuinely can’t help.

We are all incredibly grateful to local volunteers across Tadworth, Kingswood, Walton on the Hill, Preston and Burgh Heath (my ‘patch’), for their help, caring and support of our vulnerable residents, and I’m sure everyone will join me in saying a huge ‘Thank you-keep up the great work!’

Finally, I wrote our local Headteachers to thank them on your behalf for the sterling work they and their staff were doing looking after children of emergency and essential workers, and Mr Justin Kelly of Tadworth Primary kindly sent me a copy of their ‘Tadworth Times’, which recalled almost exactly 100 years ago that ‘many children who had had influenza had returned to school’ but ‘The cookery classes at Walton on the Hill were cancelled due to contagion’……..’

With my very best wishes,


6 April

First of all a huge thank you - not just to the fantastic NHS, the Police and other Emergency Services going above and beyond, but our community volunteers, our County and Borough Council staff who together have proved what a unique place we live in...

I'd also like to add to that list by saying thank you to you - our residents, for doing the right thing, Staying at Home, Protecting the NHS, and Saving Lives.....Why? Because in a recent Poll, Reigate and Banstead residents came out best in the numbers who are sticking to the guidance-so, well done! (obviously apart from the 2% who still choose to ignore advice, warnings and evidence!!).

We've a long way to go, and the rumour-mongers, ill-informed or plain malevolents are still out there, as are the scammers. I'm still hearing of vulnerable people-usually the elderly, lonely and isolated, who have fallen prey to these low-life Hyenas/criminals. The latest scams are:

* People offering miracle cures for coronavirus – there is no specific treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19).
* The council DO NOT need to enter houses to do a deep clean
* Bogus healthcare workers claiming to be offering ‘home-testing’ for coronavirus – this is a scam and these kits are not currently available to buy.
* Emails claiming that you can get a refund on taxes, utilities or similar are usually bogus and they are just after your personal and bank details.
* Fake products that say they can protect you or cure coronavirus. These will not help and are designed to just take your money
* New mobile phone apps that claim to give you updates on the virus, instead they lock your phone and demand a ransom
* People claiming to be from your bank or the police asking for your bank details over the phone
* People offering to do your shopping and ask for money upfront and then disappear

Please let your vulnerable relatives and neighbours know about these scams, which cause so much trauma to victims.

The two local Helplines for residents, just to remind you are:

Reigate and Banstead BC: 0173727600 and Surrey County Council is 0300 200 1008- both for non-medical advice. They operate 9-5 Mon-Fri and will try and answer or 'passport' residents to the appropriate Service, Organisation or Department. They are good!

For those on the internet the website below has an enormous amount of information for residents and businesses/organisations-spend a minute or three looking at what's on offer, and please 'spread the word'....

I received a plea from a GP who practices in Surrey, asking for residents NOT to burn rubbish in their gardens. It's not only a nuisance but if you burn plastics, etc, you can get fined upto £10,000, but worse, especially in the current situation with people suffering from breathing difficulties it could mean the difference between life and death.....So please BIN the BURNING!

Talking of Bins, (!) our binmen (and women) are working really hard at the moment but you can help them. A couple of suggestions:

· Please be considerate when parking your car on a collection day, this will help to ensure the collection vehicles can access your road.
· Due to reduced traffic, your usual collections time may change. Please put your bins out early and leave them out until they’ve been emptied.
· Please make sure your bin lids are firmly closed to help prevent crews unnecessarily touching them.
· Wash your hands before and after touching your bin.
· Compact your recycling into bins as much as possible to maximise space and only put bins out when they are full.
· Bin crews are working hard to keep this essential service going during this difficult time. If you see them, please let them know you appreciate what they’re doing and give them a wave or a smile!

Finally, the basics still apply and its a 20:20 vision...

Wash hands for 20 seconds....Keep 2 Metres apart and 0 Excuses

So please - Stay ay Home-Protect the NHS-Save Lives.

With my Best wishes,


2 April 2020

If all the scientific and medical advice and guidance is correct, and I've no reason to disbelieve anything they say, then we are approaching a significant point in the Pandemic, sadly, with many more deaths, but possibly slightly fewer people contracting the disease. This is quite frightening to see and read and sounds strange, but that's the way pandemics work. It doesn't mean we're 'out of the woods' any time soon.

That means simply, for all of us, the guidance still stands - social isolation, wash hands-20 seconds at least, and if you really have to go out and its 'essential', 2 metres distancing, and above all, shielding the most vulnerable in our communities ( they people who are the most at risk of dying if they contract the disease)...that's several hundred, just in my 'patch'.

So for everyone's sake, please listen to the real experts, not some pseudo-intellectual expert or media commentators or even entertainer who wants the limelight.

At Surrey County Council (like Reigate and Banstead) the 'Business' continues as much as possible, with most staff, where they can, working from home. This slows things down a shade, but our staff have responded magnificently to the challenge and will do their best...

Helplines: Surrey: 0300 200 1008 and Reigate and Banstead 01737 276 000

But, in addition and behind the scenes is something called the Local Resilience Forum-a Partnership at strategic level trying to get us all through the pandemic. Its headed up by the senior managers of Surrey County Council, Surrey Police, Surrey Fire and Rescue Service, and the liaise with Districts and Boroughs and many other organisations, such as the Army, Voluntary and Faith Sector and Central Government 24/7, responding to all sorts of challenges across the County. (All in addition to their 'day jobs'). It worked magnificently during the flooding a few years ago. But because its behind the scenes few know of its existence.

A flavour of just some of the sub groups they are working on is here:

• Welfare (Volunteers and Vulnerable People coordination)
• Excess Death Planning Group
• Key/Critical Workers • Infrastructure (waste, water, power, critical infrastructure, roads and buildings etc)
• Multi-Information Group (communications)
• Staffing, Skills and Workforce Group • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Community Care Settings • Surge Capacity (across the health and social care system)
• Recovery coordinating group (return to normality planning)

Each of these work streams has a dedicated project team working 24/7 made up of professionals across all partner organisations, with the support of the private sector, volunteers, central government department representatives and military planners from the Ministry of Defence. These workstreams feed into daily Tactical and Strategic coordination groups.

Some of the words are a bit jargonistic, but I'm sure you get the flavour of how complex the situation is, and how fast moving-on your behalf.

I'll finish tonight with a plea - Do you know you neighbours? If not, how about a quick call, shout out, etc to see if they are ok or need something.....

Don't forget - We're all neighbours.

My best wishes,


25 March 2020
A slightly shorter update tonight as many of you would have seen the daily Briefing from the Prime Minister, Chancellor or Health Secretary aided by the Chief Medical Officer and others over this last few days. If you haven’t viewed this, may I suggest it’s worth your time, if only to dispel some of the rumours circulating in the national press or on Social Media.

Previous messages from me have included various phone numbers and e-mail addresses for residents in Surrey and in particular Reigate and Banstead, and more importantly in my ‘patch’ of Tadworth, Kingswood, Burgh Heath, Walton on the Hill and Preston. These are worth repeating.

Surrey County Council operate a NON-MEDICAL Community Advice line – 0300 200 1008. This will include partner agencies to assist in answering questions residents have about all sorts of issues across the County. It currently operates 9-5 Mon-Friday. The Community Webpage is updated almost hourly, so worth a look for any answers.

Reigate and Banstead Borough Council 01737 276 000 again for very useful advice for local people and businesses relating to managing financial obligations during this period. RBBC also have an excellent website, which includes information for small businesses –

Voluntary Aid Reigate and Banstead (VARB) – They are trying to match need with volunteers locally. Their telephone line is extremely busy but their address for volunteering locally or to ask for help is:

Sadly, I’ve come across a couple more ‘Scam alerts’ - especially for those vulnerable members of our community – why not ‘Knock Next door’ ( from 6ft away!) and tell them..
1. A phone call or e-mail purporting to come from Police (again) stating they’ve been seen out side three times…..and they’re being fined. Bank details, please. Put the phone down and DO NOT open any attachments.
2. An e-mail from ‘HMRC’ stating Chancellor has announced that anyone having ‘stay at home’ schooling children is allowed £xxx for ‘School Dinners’….’just click here’…..DO NOT.
3. A phone call/e-mail purporting to come from NHS stating they can get a Covid-19 test delivered personally for £XX-Bank details, etc….As above…

Govt/HMRC/NHS/Surrey County Council/Surrey Police, etc, do not use these methods and are not asking for money, bank details, etc…..

Sadly these people (Hyenas) are preying on our vulnerable. Please spread the word and prevent not only crime, but stress, trauma and worry for our most vulnerable.

Remember, this is a fast-moving enormous challenge for all of us.

Finally only two numbers to keep in mind…..Two and Twenty - Metres, (how far apart we need to be), and Seconds – (how long to keep washing our hands for)…

My best wishes,