McCarthy and Stone – Proposed sheltered housing development 45-51 The Avenue, Tadworth

Update July 2015
It is not too late to send in an objection to the McCarthy and Stone application, ref 15/00903/F on the site of 45 – 51 The Avenue, Tadworth if you have any concerns. We do not yet know what the Council officers’ recommendation will be or when it will be going to Committee.

Please use this link to see the Association’s objection.

July 2015
McCarthy and Stone have recently submitted a revised application for 30 retirement living apartments at 45 –51 The Avenue, Tadworth. This application is very similar to the one refused by the Council and in our opinion does not address the Council’s or our own objections. The application can be viewed on the Council’s web site, under the reference 15/00903.

The Residents Association will be considering the application at a forthcoming meeting and our response, which is likely to be in the form of a strong objection, will be posted on this site for information.

February 2015
The proposal for a sheltered housing scheme on The Avenue, Tadworth has been refused by the Council.

We have become aware that many people are unaware of the current application for sheltered housing in The Avenue.
The proposed development involves the demolition of 4 detached dwellings and their replacement with a 3 storey development, part of which is in the roof. The scheme comprises 30 sheltered housing flats, 12 x 1 bedroom and 18 x 2 bedroom. The building is in the form of a T with the main building fronting the Avenue. 27 parking spaces are proposed. The access to parking at the rear is adjacent to the neighbouring residential home.
The application can be viewed on the council’s planning web site, reference 14/02229.

The committee felt the plus points were, in no particular order:-
The development is in line with government policy of providing specialist housing for the increasing number of elderly in the area,
The parking provision is at a higher rate than currently provided on most of McCarthy and Stone’s developments
The development is close to the station and shops and so is a sustainable location.
The scheme is of a broadly similar scale to that of the adjacent nursing home. Although it has a longer frontage to The Avenue and greater depth, the size of the building was been reduced and articulation of the front elevation has been improved since the initial plans were drawn up.
The front building line has been broadly respected and the more significant trees on the frontage retained. The frontage has a varied roof line to reduce impact from the street.

The committee felt that the negative points were, in no particular order:-
The height and massing of the development will give the impression of a wall of development which will be out of character with the area.
Although the ratio of parking spaces is higher than the McCarthy and Stone normal ratio, it is still inadequate as it is unrealistic to assume all the staff will walk to work or use public transport. There is also likely to be inadequate parking provision for both the residents and all the service vehicles and visitors’ cars accessing the site. Parking is at a premium in The Avenue and consequently there will be increased congestion and competition for the very limited on street parking facilities. Many kerb side spaces are already taken by early commuters.
Although there may be a need for more sheltered accommodation, there are already a number of developments in Tadworth and these frequently take time to sell when vacated.
The outdoor amenity space is limited in size for the number of units, albeit the developers state that the residents prefer to use the internal lounge.
There will be a loss of amenity to the adjacent residents at number 45, as the residents’ outside recreation space in the form of a terrace with tables will be next to their rear garden, giving problems of noise and disturbance.
There will be increased traffic generation and there will be a cumulative impact on the area, particularly if Sainsbury Ltd is successful on appeal in occupying the Citigate site. Moreover, there is now a proposal for a new pre prep and nursery building on the Chinthurst site plus some new housing. We anticipate a planning application will be submitted shortly and, if permitted, this will generate additional traffic and parking requirements. As the site is close to the busy junction with Kingswood Road there could also be highway safety issues.
There could be harm to the protected trees, particularly on the Avenue frontage if the water table changes.
There is no affordable housing provision.
The Committee’s initial conclusion, in summary, was that although the scheme has some merits, the development amounts to overdevelopment of the site. Associated with its size, there will be inadequate parking and increased traffic generation.
We would be grateful, if you have any views on the development, whether in favour or against, you email us so that we know the community’s views on the development before we send our representations to the Council.
Please email us on or telephone 01737 355206 if you would like to discuss the scheme in more detail.