Possible Ward Changes

The Local Government Boundary Commission is consulting on changes to ward boundaries in the Borough. At this stage suggestions are requested with a deadline of April 9th. There will then be further consultation on the proposals.

It would seem that the ideal number of electors for each ward is 2,500 per councillor. At present all the wards in our area have 3 councillors, apart from Preston which has one, but none of the wards meet the required numbers. In Tadworth and Walton for example, in 2012 there were only 5,667 electors for the 3 councillors, with a projection to 6005 in 2018.

Borough wide, the Council hope to lose 6 councillors.

Information is available on the web site of the number of electors in each ward . There are also suggestions on the criteria for defining communities which respondents may wish to take into account, including identified physical boundaries, transport links, community groups, facilities used and shared interests.